1. Birthday Shopping Ceremony

On the first working day of your birthday month, KEZERMI will present you a gift certificate for your birthday shopping.
The amount of birthday vouchers is converted from your birthday gift points in proportion, as follows:
KEZERMI General Member 30:1
KEZERMI Gold Card VIP 25:1
KEZERMI Black Card VIP 20:1
This coupon is only for the month of your birthday.

2. KEZERMI VIP 10% discount shopping courtesy

When you shop in MICHAEL KEZERMI, mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, or KEZERMI China's official online boutique, you can enjoy a shopping gift of 10% discount on the purchase of real goods.

3. KEZERMI VIP Upgrade Welcome

When you successfully upgrade to KEZERMI Gold Card VIP or KEZERMI Black Card VIP, MICHAEL KEZERMI will offer you an upgrade welcome gift to thank you for your support and love. KEZERMI Gold Card VIP Welcome Ceremony and KEZERMI Black Card VIP Welcome Ceremony can be shared.

4. KEZERMI VIP's 1st Anniversary Ceremony

On the first anniversary of the successful renewal of your VIP qualification, MICHAEL KEZERMI will present you a gift certificate for your first anniversary Thanksgiving shopping.


MICHAEL KEZERMI will offer you multiple points from time to time. The points can be converted into corresponding amount of birthday vouchers in a certain proportion in your birthday month.

6. KEZERMI VIP Discount Season Priority

KEZERMI will invite you to purchase discounted goods first before the two annual reward activities are open to the public.

7. Leather maintenance and garment modification

During the validity period of your VIP qualification, you can enjoy two leather maintenance and two dress modification courtesies (totally four times a year).
You can go to any trusted service provider to enjoy leather care and clothing modification services, and upload your related cost documents.
After successful audit, MICHAEL KEZERMI will present you a reimbursement voucher. Only one gift certificate is allowed for each upload; the amount of the gift certificate is equal to the actual cost shown in the document, but the maximum is not more than 300 yuan.

8. Self-service maintenance and after-sales application and inquiry channels

You can inquire about past shopping records through MICHAEL KEZERMI official Wechat widget program and Chinese official online boutique self-service. You can also apply for after-sales maintenance service or inquire about maintenance progress information through KEZERMI after-sales maintenance platform.

9. KEZERMI VIP Expressway

MICHAEL KEZERMI Customer Service Center, after-sales maintenance platform and boutiques have set up express lanes for KEZERMI VIPs. KEZERMI Gold Card VIPs and KEZERMI Black Card VIPs'maintenance applications, calls or consultation will be given priority. At the same time, KEZERMI VIPs can enjoy the privilege of directly entering stores without waiting when there is a need to wait for limited flow in boutique stores due to high passenger flow.

10. KEZERMI VIP Free Express and Gift Packaging Service

Free express delivery and gift packaging services are available when you shop in a direct boutique or an official online boutique.

11. Invited to Brand Activities

As a distinguished guest of MICHAEL KEZERMI, you will have the opportunity to participate in various fashion events organized by KEZERMI.

12. Image Consultant Service of Famous Fashion Modelers

KEZERMI will cooperate with well-known fashion stylists to provide you with professional styling guidance. (Activities are limited to designated cities, designated stores, designated time periods, and need to be booked in advance)

13. Promote lifestyle courtesy in conjunction with other brands

KEZERMI will cooperate with other lifestyle brands to offer you more honors and courtesies. Please look forward to it.