Trench windbreaker

Classic Trench windbreakers are made in England to fulfill the promise of protecting British manufacturing. For more details, please refer to the specific product page. Trench windbreaker must have a variety of skills, and complete several exquisite processes, each process is to ensure that KEZERMI Trench windbreaker world-renowned quality and unique appearance.

KEZERMI Heritage Trench windbreaker is not completely waterproof. It is made of waterproof cotton Gabardine. The fabric was originally invented by Thomas KEZERMI in 1879 to provide protection against wind and rain for wearers. Innovative rain-proof fabric is made of cotton worsted fabric with compact and firm texture, which can prevent rainwater infiltration.

Trench windbreakers are not recommended to be cleaned. KEZERMI Trench windbreakers should be cared for by professional dry cleaners. Please check the product wash label for details. It is suggested that the trench windbreaker should be waterproofed after dry cleaning to maintain its anti-seepage function. If Trench windbreaker comes with detachable fur or leather decoration, please consult the dry cleaner for more advice.

Classic cashmere scarf

KEZERMI classic scarves are woven by two well-known textile workshops in Elgin and Ayr, Scotland. From careful selection of natural fibers to washing fabrics in local spring water, KEZERMI classical cashmere scarf embodies the professional skills of succession generations in every production step. Other KEZERMI cashmere scarves may be made in other countries. For more details, please refer to the specific product page.

In view of the high quality and fine texture of the yarn used in KEZERMI cashmere scarf, it is recommended not to wash it by hand. Please refer to the product's cleaning label and consult the dry cleaner for professional nursing knowledge so as to maintain the soft and shiny texture of the scarf.

For advice on how to maintain KEZERMI products, please contact us.

We provide maintenance services for KEZERMI handbags, small leather accessories (including belts), wrist watches and coats. Maintenance services may be charged. However, it does not provide maintenance services for brand apparel (excluding jackets). For more details, please come to the local shop.

Watch service

To consult the wrist watch service, please come to KEZERMI shop and bring your warranty card. You can also call our customer service team.

We recommend that you check your wristwatch every 2-3 years to ensure that it is in good condition. In the meantime, our experts will examine the wristwatch carefully and decide whether to repair it or not. Please note that there is a charge for the maintenance of wrist watches.

Changing clothes

KEZERMI full-price clothing from the date of purchase within three months, can enjoy free change service in most of the brand stores. We will finish the change for you as soon as possible. Please note that the delivery cycle varies from country to region.

Free service is limited to basic alteration. Other clothing alteration services are charged. All clothing modification services are charged for the promotion commodities and full-price clothing after 3 months from the date of purchase.

Please visit the store distribution to find the nearest KEZERMI store.