I. Return and Exchange Policy

1. Within 7 days from the date the customer signs and receives the goods, if the goods are artificially damaged, if you are not satisfied with our goods, we will provide the service of refund and exchange. If you receive goods with quality problems, you can contact customer service by telephone. )
2. If you apply through the return and exchange channel, please upload the whole picture of the returned and exchanged goods, and provide the picture of the receipt or label and keep the goods. (In order to facilitate customer service personnel to deal with your problems in a timely manner).
3. If you apply for refund or exchange, please keep your mobile phone open after successful application so that we can notify you by mobile phone or SMS.

II. Special Statement

1. When returns occur, due to customer reasons, we only refund the amount of money for the goods. If returns are arranged on the door, additional delivery charges will be charged. If returns are caused by quality problems of the goods, we will refund the amount of money for your goods and the corresponding freight charges.
2. Some special commodities (as will be mentioned in the commodity description) we only accept complaints on the spot. Once they are signed and received, we will no longer accept the request for refund.
3. Goods with quality problems due to customer's personal reasons are not exchanged.
4. Return invoices need to be returned. Please take good care of the purchase invoices after purchasing the goods. If the invoices cannot be returned due to customer's reasons, it may lead to the failure to return the goods. The adverse consequences will be borne by you.
5. For the lack of goods, we should contact customer service in time.
6. Usually, an order can only be returned and exchanged once, so in order to ensure your rights and interests, please consider it carefully and contact us.
7. Pictures and information are for reference only. Goods will be in kind. It is not a quality problem that there may be some color difference between commodity pictures and objects due to shooting light and color difference of different monitors.

* Warm tips:

For your benefit, please check your order carefully after receiving the goods. If there are some problems in the distribution of goods, such as wrong distribution, damaged packaging and wrong quantity, please put them to the distribution personnel in person and in time, so that we can deal with them as soon as possible.